we want to introduce you to Bruno’s choice website

In the heart of the Provence region.south of France,there is a city called de Lorgues ,dating back to the year 1986

situated on the old royal way..in the vicinity of the Grasse region…Bruno Clement ,owner of the famous restaurant “Chez Bruno “he created more than 20 years ago in the house of his grandmother” La Mame “,a magic Domain property where the Truffle is Queen.
He grew among olive trees ,perfume smells of sage , thyme ,and a vegetable garden of the best kind with tomatoes , peppers , eggplants and more.
He is known as the King of truffles..some of his entrees you can find..
Truffles with Caviar
Blinis stuffed with Truffles
Poached eggs with truffles and caviar…and many many more
Due to his knowledge in art of cuisine all over Europe we were honored to have him as a host to all his selection of chefs in Bruno’s choice

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